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What is a Validation Error

Why errors occur during your migration and how to fix them

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What is it?

A data validation error occurs when there are records that cannot be migrated due to your new tool's data validation requirements.   

What happens to the data in error?

If you have an error on your record(s), the whole record will not be migrated. This includes any records linked to the record in error. For example, if a contact is in error, the contact's associated deals, activities, notes, etc. cannot be migrated until the contact error is resolved.

Import2 will continue to migrate the data that is not affected by the errors while your migration is in process. Please note, the quantity of validation errors can impact the speed at which your migration runs.

How do I correct it?

Import2 provides you with the errors in real-time during your data migration. You will also receive a complete list of errors by email when the migration is finished processing.

Fixes for all validation errors can be found in our Help Center. If you opt to make fixes for the error(s), you may click the button to retry just the records affected by the errors. You do not need to restart your migration from scratch.

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