What is a Sample Migration?
Overview of the sample import
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The sample import is a randomised selection of the records from your source database. It includes a sampling of each record type (i.e. accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, emails, events, attachments, notes, tickets, etc.) from your source database so you can see how your data looks in your new tool. It is a sample, so not every related record will be imported. If you do wish to proceed, all records will be imported during the full migration.

Your source data will not be affected, and you will be able to see your sample data directly in the destination database you connected to make it easy for you to review and provide us any feedback. We also provide you with the direct URL's to the sample data via your import page.

If you would like a specific record added to your sample to aid in your review, please send us a message with the direct URL of the record from your source database and we can get that added for you.

To see the progress of your import please go to your import page.

If you need us to remove the data that was imported for you in the sample, just let us know your import ID# and we'd be happy to help.

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