Redoing the Migration

How to undo and restart your data migration

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There are many reasons why you may need to undo and restart your data migration. Import2 makes it easy to reset and start over.

Restart the Sample Migration

If you are still in the sample migration phase, you may click "Restart Sample Migration" at any time. This will automatically undo the last sample and start a new sample again with the current data in your source app.

Restart the Full Migration

Once the full migration has been completed, you will need to first navigate to the "Settings" tab of your migration page. Click "Undo" and type in the migration number to confirm.

After the migration is fully reverted, you will be able to click "Start Full Migration" on your Summary page to begin again.

Please note, this will remove any previously migrated data - including any changes or updates that you have made to this data in your new app - and will start the migration from scratch using the current data in your source app. 

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