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Import2 provides a free sample migration to every user, for every app. The sample migration is the first step to understanding how the data migration will work, how much it will cost, and to see how your actual data will look in your new app.

What is the Sample Migration

The sample migration is a randomized selection of records from your source app, migrated into your new app. We try to include a sampling of each record type (i.e. accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, emails, events, attachments, notes, tickets, etc.). It is a sample, so not every record will be imported at this stage.

Check the Results

Import2 provides you with the direct URL's to the sample data via your import page.

If you would like a specific record added to your sample to aid in your review, please send us a message with the direct URL of the record from your source database and we can get that added for you.


Most samples are completed within 15 minutes! There are some apps that take a bit longer, but rest assured if there is an issue with your sample and it is not able to be completed in a timely manner, we will reach out to you. To see the progress of your import please go to your import page.

Configure the Sample

When starting your sample, you have options to configure some settings of the migration. You can also change the settings and field mappings after your sample is complete. Check out our guide here for more info.

Undo the Sample

Yes - you can stop and undo the sample migration at any time. Check out how here.

Redo the Sample

Yes - you can restart your sample migration as many times as needed until you are happy with the results! See here how to do it.

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