What Are Salesforce Audit Fields and How Can I Enable These?
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The "Audit fields" feature will let us migrate the following fields:

  • "created date"

  • "last modified date"

  • "created by"

  • "last modified by"

By default, Salesforce does not have this feature enabled. You can enable this by following the instructions here, or by asking your Salesforce support for assistance. 

Please note, audit fields cannot be updated after data is imported. In order for us to set these, please ensure they are enabled prior to your final import. Otherwise, it will require a reimport of the data. 

If you would like us to verify for you that audit fields are enabled in your Salesforce instance, please send us a message in the chat and we can check this over the API right away for you, by using the following steps: 

  1. We check field Created Date property "creatable". If audit fields are enabled this field is set to "true". If these fields are set to “false”, this means we cannot set their values while creating an object.

Please see the quick vido guide on What Are Salesforce Audit Fields and How Can I Enable These:

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