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Excluding Record Types from the Migration

How to exclude certain record types from your data migration

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If you would like to exclude certain record types (or, objects) from your data migration, this guide will help you to setup the migration correctly.

Please note! Turning off a record type excludes all data of this type from migrating. If you wish to migrate some, but not all, of a record type, see our guide here on how to setup a filter instead.

You have two opportunities to configure the migration to exclude certain record types from migrating.

Sample setup

When you first create your data migration, you have the option to change your migration settings. You will see the complete list of record types you can migrate, and opt to disable those you do not wish to migrate.

After sample migration is complete

This tab is only available after your sample (or full) migration has completed. When you are finished configuring your record types, you will be able to rerun your migration to apply the changes.

Select the record types to exclude

Choose from the list of record types you wish to exclude from the data migration altogether.

Restart the migration

Once you are done with the configuration, you will need to restart your migration to apply the changes. We recommend doing this in the sample (not the full) so you can validate the results before proceeding.

If you need to make changes to your selections, you can do this by navigating back to the setup page.

Please note -

A record type which is excluded means that any related records will also be filtered out by default. For example, if you disable deals, then the notes, activities, tasks, etc. logged to deals would also be excluded.

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