Filtering What Data is Migrated

Learn how to apply filters to your data migration

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If you would like to apply a filter to the data that is migrated, we can help you set this up.

Please be aware of the following guidelines for your filter:

  • Filter is by object (record type). For example, Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc. 

  • There must be a field on this object which we can use to determine whether to include or exclude. For example, "created date", "status" or even a custom field. 

  • A record which is filtered out (excluded) means that any related records will also be excluded by default. For example, if the Account is excluded, then its related Contacts, Opportunities, Notes, Activities, etc. are also excluded. 

  • Filters are included in all Plus and higher packages. The pricing for the migration is based on the size of your source database, prior to any filters being applied.

Contact us to confirm your filter criteria and proceed with the setup.

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