If you have articles to migrate, just let us know! These are not enabled by default in the sample, but send us a message in the chat with your sample import ID# and we can enable that for you.

Articles are imported exactly as-is using HTML. This means:

  • Links will remain the same as you have in your source data. So if you have links in your article directing you to another article in your old helpdesk, you will need to update these post-migration to direct to the article in your new helpdesk

  • Images, similar to the above, are imported with the same link to where the image is hosted in your source data. So, if you have an image hosted on your old helpdesk, you will need to update these post-migration. 

  • Formatting is imported according to the HTML. If your new helpdesk has different rules for setting the format, you may see differences here. For example, one helpdesk may read the HTML code as italics, where your new helpdesk may treat this same code as bold

We do recommend checking your specific tool here to verify that articles are supported and any limitations there may be before getting started.

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