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Become a Consulting Partner
Become a Consulting Partner
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Import2 works with an extensive network of consulting partners and agencies to provide a time- and cost-effective solution for the migration of your clients' legacy data.

Why Partner

Increase leads

Attract more leads through your website for customers who want to try out a data migration before they engage on a sales call

Streamlined process

Leave the heavy lifting to the experts, and manage all your migrations efficiently with a direct communication channel with Import2

Discounted rates

Enjoy Import2 partner pricing applied to every data migration you sell.

What is Included

Every one of our Consulting Partners enjoys:

✓ Partner discount on all migrations

✓ Listing on our Consulting Partner page

✓ Free sample migration lead generator embedded into your website

✓ Exclusive offers for your services for data migration customers

✓ Partner portal to track all active migrations in one place

✓ Private communication channel with direct access to our migration specialists

Path to Partnership

Sign up to become a Consulting Partner and follow the guide in your consultant portal to complete the onboarding.

Step 1: Partner Profile

Create your partner profile, including your company details that will be listed on our Certified Partner listing page.

Step 2: Import2 sample migration button

Add the Import2 free sample data migration button to your website. We provide an easy link generator to create the button(s) you would like displayed on your site. These buttons will act as lead generators to pull in interested clients who wish to test a data migration before they invest.

Step 3: Follow Up With Your Leads

You provide Import2 the URL to redirect your leads to once they’ve submitted the sample migration. In addition, you select the way you wish to be notified when a new lead submits the sample migration form. This way, you can keep the interested leads in your sales flow and maintain direct communication with your clients.

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