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API Guidelines for SaaS Partners
API Guidelines for SaaS Partners

Overview of API requirements to integrate your SaaS app with Import2

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If you don't yet have an API, we have provided the recommendations below to help build and maintain a successful migration solution for your customers.

Does your API have:

✅ Ability to load, create, update and delete the objects you wish to allow your customers to migrate (ex. contacts, companies, opportunities, notes, activities, tickets, attachments, etc.)

✅ Ability to load, create, update and delete field data, such as data types, available values for picklists, etc.

✅ Ability to load users

✅ Ability to set audit fields like created and last modified dates, created by, last modified by

✅ Bulk import and delete capabilities

✅ Throttling or other limitations that affect speed or batch size

Import2 requests access to:

🆗 Access to API related support

🆗 Access to unlimited test account

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