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How to Add Import2 1-Click Migration Button Inside Your Product
How to Add Import2 1-Click Migration Button Inside Your Product

Complete the steps to integrate your app with Import2

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To complete the steps below, you will use the unique API token which Import2 will provide to you upon registering as a partner. To register as a partner, please contact us.

For the full API reference, please see here.

1. Provide the List of Available Export Tools

Create the list of export tool options for the customer to select their source database. You may retrieve this list of options via our API or by creating the list manually. You can see the full list of supported business apps here.


2. Configure Button to Send the API Call to Import2

When the customer clicks on their source tool, your app will send a [POST /imports request] to Import2.

3. Placement of the Button Inside Your App

We recommend having a landing page within your Admin/Settings section that is specific to migrating data. It is most common for customers to expect to see the Import2 button near the CSV import option inside your app.

We recommend the following title and description for the Import2 button:

Data Migration from Another Software

1-click migration of legacy data from your previous software.


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