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How to offer a 1-click data migration solution to your customers in your UI

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If you are a SaaS vendor and are looking to offer a method for your customers to migrate legacy data onto your platform, you can partner with Import2. We currently build integrations for both CRM and Helpdesk.

Why Partner?

Convert better

Partners of Import2 report 60% increase in conversion rates by offering their customers a clear path how to move their legacy data to your platform.

Remove obstacles for your customers

No burdensome CSV files, no technical know-how needed to use our solution. Offer free sample migrations to every user - free trial or paid - to demo your software with their own data, increasing the likelihood they become a paid user.

Seamless experience

You can completely whitelabel our solution right inside your app interface. Users securely connect their legacy database and begin the migration process instantly, with full control to start, redo and undo their migration at their fingertips.

The integration into your app includes:

  • Migration of all objects supported by your API

  • Setup of the integration at no cost, as well as continued support as needed as long as the integration is available to your users within your UI.

  • Live chat support and knowledgebase support for all customers during the migration process

Path to Partnership

Step 1: API Review

Import2 will check that the API meets the technical requirements, and work with you to agree on the right way for API support to be handled.

Step 2: Embed

Embed the Import2 1-Click Migration Button into your admin interface.

Step 3: Documentation

Import2 will provide a website landing page dedicated to your app. We also provide you with a guide on how to offer your customers support content on how to migrate data using Import2.

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