1. In Maximizer, open an "Address book" window

  2. Select companies or individuals to export (if you want to export all entries, don't select anything)

  3. Click the "Maximizer" button (top-left corner) and select "Import/Export/Transfer"

  4. Under "Export", select "Address Book entries"

  5. From the Format drop-down list, select "XML"

  6. Click "Browse"

  7. Specify the destination location and file name for the exported file

  8. In the "Save as type" drop-down list, select either "MXI" or "XML"

  9. Click "Save"

  10. Select any of the Export options, as needed.

  11. Click "Ok"

  12. Once you get the file, upload it to your Dropbox

 *This instruction was taken from "Export Address Book Entries in XML Format" section of the "Administration for Maximizer" chapter of Maximizer CRM User's Guide.

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