• When you click "Start Import" your full migration will begin automatically

  • Pipedrive sponsors migrations up to 100,000 records. If you have more than 100,000 records, we will inform you of the total record count and can provide you with a quote if you would like to proceed. 

  • Custom fields are not included by default. If you are missing fields after the import it is very likely because you need to create custom fields (for example: "Job Title" for Contacts). A quick way you for to see what is custom in Pipedrive is by checking the hyperlinked fields in your settings/customize fields. Please note, Pipedrive will cover the cost of up to 5 custom field mappings. Please reach out to us via chat to initiate the process to apply your custom fields, which will include a reimport of your data in order to implement. 

  • If you have pre-existing data in Pipedrive, we do not edit, overwrite or merge during the import. All records from your source database will be imported as new. If you need the import handled differently, this will be a customization and we would need to discuss the details together prior to the full import. Pipedrive does not cover the cost of customizations. 

  • We do not migrate any configuration of your database (users, pipelines, stages, etc.). We recommend completing this setup prior to the import to ensure your data can be imported correctly.  If you do not complete the setup prior, we will use default handling to import the data. For default handling for users, please see here. For default handling of deals, please see here.

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