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Overview of Your Data Handling and Security with Import2
Overview of Your Data Handling and Security with Import2
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Import2 is committed to providing robust security and privacy for our customers’ data. We make sure to protect your information by using SSL certificates, temporary machines, and trustworthy third-party cloud service providers.

Want more detail?

  • We use Heroku services that are hosted by Amazon Web Services, therefore the server locations are the same as Amazon data centers: If you have any concerns regarding the location of the server running your data migration, please contact us. You can read more about Heroku's data security policy here.

  • We do not store data on our servers. We extract data, transform it in memory and load it into into the destination tool in real time. Moreover, we use temporary machines which means that as soon as your import is finished, the machine which was used for the import gets deleted. Therefore, even temporary log files are deleted.

  • To execute the data migration, in most cases we need customer credentials to access the data. Whenever Import2 is accessing customer data, it is done for migration purpose only. Wherever it is possible, we use OAuth instead of plain password. When stored in the database all credentials are securely encrypted. All migration-related access credentials are deleted as soon as we archive the import. Archiving is conducted on a regular basis, but if you wish, you can ask us to archive your import anytime.

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