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HubSpot Import limitations

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  1. Import of engagement fields "created by" and "modified by" is restricted by HubSpot.

  2. "Created date" on accounts, contacts is a read-only field. We can still import these fields to custom fields upon request.

  3. Import Stages from Pipedrive - We do not support the opportunity stage import if the status is "Won" or "Lost".

  4. Import - apart from workflows - there are some native rules that trigger changes of fields. Make sure to have these triggers disabled before the data migration:

  5. Sometimes HubSpot sets the contact lifecycle stage field to "Subscriber" when importing data.

  6. There is a limit of up to 10k associations per company or contact record. That means that some engagements might not be allowed to import.

  7. If the "Automatically create and associate companies with contacts." option is enabled, there might be duplicate companies created on import.

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