Before importing contacts from your Google, it is important to understand how those contacts are organized. 

Google Contacts

Google has a separate contact management tool called Google Contacts and all your contacts are stored there.

What are 'Other Contacts' in Google Contacts

When you login to your Google Contacts please pay attention to special group "Other contacts". Gmail automatically adds contacts to this group when you send an email to somebody. Check out our video below about "What are 'Other Contacts' in Google Contacts". 

Please note that contacts in 'Other Contacts" are not automatically synced with mobile device or visible in your export.   So before the export you want to move contacts that are important for you from 'Other Contacts" section into 'My Contacts'

Using Import2 Wizard to export your contacts from Google 

Now that you understand your contacts structure in Google you are ready to open Import2 Wizard and start downloading your contacts data.

Add a connection to your Google account, select Contacts under what are you importing section and start export.

Now decide which columns/properties you want to export. Typically you want to include Full name, email, company name and job title, phone numbers and any associated websites. But you can pick any other properties that are important for you to export. 

And that's it. Now you can download your CSV file with all contacts information from Google Contacts account. Now you can import contacts into your CRM or just have those backed up in your hard drive.  

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