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Overview of an Import2 Data Migration
Overview of an Import2 Data Migration

How to use Import to migrate legacy data to your new app

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Here we’ll review the process so you know what to expect when using Import2 for your data migration.

Sample Migration

1. Connect your Apps

Select your apps and use the form to securely connect.

2. Confirm Settings

Import2 will automatically create your custom fields as well as your pipelines & deal stages (where applicable). You can opt out and setup your new app manually if desired. This selection can be changed after the sample migration is completed if you change your mind.

3. Start sample

Start the free sample migration to import a subset of your database, to see how your data actually looks in your new app!

4. Validate the results

Click the links provided to see the migrated data in your new app. If you realize you need to clean up your source data, you can revert the sample from the Settings tab of your migration.

Or, if you wish to make changes to how the data is mapped, head to the Settings > Configure Mappings to make edits.

Full Migration

To move forward with the full migration, you may purchase from the Purchase tab of your migration. After payment is received, you will have a button to "Start Full Migration" to kick off the full migration when you are ready.

If your migration has errors, check out our guide on how to manage those here.

If you need some additional help or configuration of your migration, please reach out and we are happy to discuss our available features with you!

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