Import2 does not automatically create and migrate custom fields. If you would like this feature enabled for your Salesforce import, please let us know in the chat so we can review this together.

If you select this feature, we will add the custom fields with the exact same names as your source, and add them to your record layouts.

How to prep SF for automatic custom field mapping: 

  1. First you have to enable API for your Salesforce instance. 
  2. Select "Customize" from App Setup
  3. Select the object with custom fields ("Contacts" in our example)
  4. Select "Page Layouts"
  5. Select "Edit" near "Contact Layout
  6. Drag the "Section" bar to the end of Contact Detail section
  7. Drop the "Section" bar at the end of Contact Detail section
  8. Choose the name: "Custom fields (created by import2)" and press OK
  9. Select the first active field in the upper menu
  10. Press "Shift" and select last active field (NB! Make sure to scroll to the end of right part of the screen to select all the fields)
  11. Drag and Drop all the selected fields to the "Custom fields (created by import2)" section
  12. Press "Save" button in the top left menu

Please note, for custom fields to be automatically created and migrated, you need your API enabled for the duration of the migration. If you have the Group or Professional edition, you can ask Salesforce to enable your API for you. Make sure you tell them you need it for a data migration, this way they will not charge you.

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