While you cannot send automated emails out with Import2 Wizard directly (we use special API to bypass triggers/notifications so no unwanted communication it sent during imports), you can follow this guide to set up an automation in Zendesk to use in conjunction with Import2 Wizard:

1. Create a custom field (if you do not have one already) within Zendesk to denote if a ticket should have an email notification sent

2. Setup an automation in Zendesk which will send out your desired email notification at your specified time based on this field. Be sure to include in your automation the criteria which will ensure the email is sent only once if so desired.

For example, setup the automation to run 1 hour after ticket creation, where field “Send notification” = “TRUE” (this is a checkbox field in our case). The last part of the automation should be an update of the field to = “FALSE”, so that these same tickets are no longer meeting the criteria to be sent the notification in the future.

For a detailed guide on setting up & using automations, please refer to Zendesk’s article here.
3. Prepare your CSV file by including a column for this field & value:

4. Upload this file using Import2 Wizard, and in the mappings step be sure to map this field:

And that’s it! This method ensures that just those tickets denoted in your CSV file will receive the automated email communication.

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