Here at Import2 we make the frustrating data-moving process simple and pleasant.
Import2 offers two products to select from to serve your needs.

Import2 Wizard
A self-service data integration tool to help you handle your daily data tasks. You can import, export and sync your critical business data between SaaS software you use. Import2 Wizard has simple, predictable and user-friendly interface.  If you want to learn more about Import2 Wizard features this video is for you.

1-Click Data Migration service
A full-service data migration solution for you to leave the heavy-lifting of the data migration to the experts, whether you are a small or enterprise level business. It is a one-time import service intended for users who need to transfer data from platform A to platform B. For example, you want to move legacy data from your old CRM into your new CRM.  Here is a detailed process overview if you want to learn more on how it works.  

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