Once you've migrated your legacy data to your new helpdesk, there are some key integrations you may consider setting up to ensure your support team has all of the data they need to provide the best support possible. 

One integration you should not skip is to sync data from your CRM into your helpdesk, in order to give your support team the visibility into shared client data that will help them:

  •  triage and escalate support tickets accurately. If you have a big client pending a sale, having your support team handle their tickets quickly and effectively can ensure there is no negative impact on the sale
  • provide more individualized support. Understanding the context about a shared client can ensure that your support team's communication with them is informed and personal. 

To achieve these goals, you will want to ensure that you have specific fields from your CRM records visible on their equivalent helpdesk records. These fields can include (but are certainly not limited to!): 

  • Lifecycle stage
  • Subscription level
  • Estimated close date

You know best exactly which details need to be shared that will truly benefit your support team and improve their effectiveness. Just remember: 

Keep focus on the goal of sharing critical, relevant information to solve an actual job/task. Don't integrate what doesn't help you achieve something important. 

Your goal is not to share all data, but to share the right data. 

When you are ready to setup the integration - check out Import2 Wizard to make things easy (no technical know-how needed). 

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