Once we complete your sample import, we will send you an email confirmation and a prompt to review the data. You should review this sample carefully so that we may address any of your issues or concerns at this stage. Some fixes do require a full reimport of your data, which can affect your ability to work in your new system.

If you have reviewed your sample thoroughly and are ready to proceed, you can initiate your full import at any time via your import page. The full import is started after we receive payment. If you'd rather schedule your import, please contact us before purchase to schedule the time and date. Please note that there is no scheduling option with the basic plan.

Please note, to proceed with the full migration you will use the original import request you have created. No need to create a new one. In addition, we always remove the sample import data before proceeding with the full import. The full import starts from scratch with all of the current data in your source database. 

If you need to redirect your import to a new instance of your database (i.e. if you are changing from a sandbox to your production database) - simply ask us to send you a re-authentication request by emailing help@import2.com.

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